This is me. 

Amber. The hot mess, boho QUEEN behind this community. Yes, I just called myself a queen because I am a freaking queen. I work my weave off day in and day out for this community, for my family and mostly for myself. I love the life I am building. I love the person I am becoming.  I am a work in progress. I believe that every day is a special occasion. I believe that confidence is a choice. I am a shop owner, a friend, the motivational coach that you didn’t ask for, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a very happy wife. I believe that the only person we should be in competition with is ourself. I believe that a good outfit put on a good human is the foundation for a good day which leads to more smiles and more happy humans and in turn a better world. 
There is room at my table for everyone. I hope you will choose to sit with me.

Unapologetically Blue. The Blouins.

This is my cute little tribe. They keep me grounded. They make me crazy. They make so happy sometimes I cry unexplainable, overwhelmed happy tears. They also make me hide in the bathroom somedays crying very explainable, also very overwhelmed tears of frustration. They make me proud. They are the kind of humans you want to be around. They are includers, they are helpers, they are peace practicers. They make mistakes. They own up to those mistakes, and learn from them. They know that anything worth doing is never easy. They are dreamers. They are my legacy.

This guy.

We’ve had 19 years of falling in love, falling apart, falling together. It hasn’t always been easy, but every single day of it we have chosen above anything else…us. He’s the behind the scenes guy in many ways here at Vada Winter. He is also an amazing General Contractor here in Blue Island, IL. I’m so proud of him and even more so, I’m so proud of us.